Investment Property

We deliver the most lucrative real estate investments in Israel… right into your hands. You know that business in Israel works via protexia, right? (otherwise known as Vitamin P… )

We are your protexia.

Here’s what you will receive from us:

  • Exclusive access to profitable, unadvertised deals
  • No wasted time investigating properties with concealed legal, permit or land registry issues
  • Culturally savvy negotiation with Israeli sellers, developers and banks
  • Creative, out-of-the-box, 100% kosher financing solutions


You’re looking to invest in some lucrative real estate in Israel. You want the kind of investment that you can purchase, renovate and rent out, or flip in the next few years… with a high rate of return.

Those are the kind of deals we love to make happen.

We use our decade of experience and connections in Israel’s complicated property market to ensure that:

  • You close on a goldmine, not a white elephant.
  • You don’t waste valuable time working on a deal, only to have it fall through on legalities.
  • You structure the deal and the financing in a way that gets more out of your budget, minimizes liability, and saves on taxes.


Take a peek at the deals we’ve made happen: