How opening new possibilities and horizons for Ruthie H. enabled her to acquire a profitable Jerusalem property

Ruthie H. came to us with an inheritance in hand, seeking to invest it an apartment in Jerusalem that provided a good rate of return. Ruthie had specific criteria for her investment:

  • budget of 1.6-1.8 million NIS
  • must be completed (nothing on paper or in the middle of construction)
  • must have a balcony
  • ideally it would be located in the center of town


Ruthie had toured Jerusalem with other real estate agents looking at secondhand apartments with balconies. They met all her criteria except one: they were always in the 3 million NIS range, and above!

When we met with Ruthie, we realized quickly that her adamance about a balcony was holding her back from finding her ideal apartment. We knew - but Ruthie did not, and no agent had realized or bothered to tell her - that if she gave up her balcony requirement, she could have the type of apartment she was seeking in her dream location near the Old City and the center of town.

When we introduced this idea to Ruthie, she agreed to be flexible on the balcony - and she was exceedingly happy she did!

We found her an apartment within her budget that would get her a better rate of return than anything she had been shown. With just a standard rental agreement, she would be able to earn 6,500 NIS a month. Putting it on AirBnB would earn even more: 10,000 NIS a month - after expenses.

Instead of secondhand apartments for 3 million NIS, Ruthie got a brand new, deluxe apartment in the neighborhood she wanted. It wasn’t even available on the open market; we were able to offer it to her because of our connections.

The purchase was finalized within a week. Ruthie is now the satisfied owner of the investment apartment of her dreams, with less hassle and more profit potential than she ever dreamed.

Ruthie didn’t need to be shown more apartments. She needed to be introduced to new ideas. Our questions and suggestions were able to open her horizons… and then our network was able to open the door.