How creative thinking secured Ari S. unexpectedly advantageous financing

Ari was attempting to secure financing to build a 4 million NIS property in Beit Zayit, a deluxe moshav in the Jerusalem area. As a successful wealth management professional from New York, Ari had already gotten approval for the financing from his bank, but the rates and terms left him… wondering. So he turned to us.

Ari had been bouncing from bank to bank and mortgage broker to mortgage broker comparing rates to secure the best deal. But what he hadn’t realized is that our knowledge of what is possible, coupled with our ability to think outside the box, creates options that are often beyond the scope and experience of a standard mortgage broker. 

When we met with Ari, our discussion touched on many seemingly unrelated aspects of his finances. Seemingly unrelated… because our specialty is in seeing where disparate pieces can fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. When we discovered that Ari also needed a bridge loan for his children to build, the picture of possibility began to take shape. We suggested amalgamating the two loans together and reallocating cash funds to a bridge. With this structure, we were able to secure a special financing package with preferred rates.

We restructured both Ari’s loan and the terms of the loan, saving him 300,000 NIS. In addition, we saved him several hundred thousand shekels more because of the tax benefits gained through our strategy.  And the icing on the cake was that the way we built the mortgage eliminated the need for Ari to take a lien on two properties simultaneously, as he had initially expected.

Although he was told by several mortgage brokers that this was impossible, lucky for him, he didn’t believe them. He believed in us.

In the end, Ari was deeply satisfied. Not only had he gotten the financing he needed to build the project, but the structure of the financing gave him limited liability and exposure, as well as tax benefits.

We were satisfied also: satisfied because we had helped a client get the most beneficial financing… and satisfied because we had scratched our creative itch. While you probably won’t see any in museums, we believe that a financing package can be a work of art.