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I've worked with MC Israel Properties on several previous financing deals. I have seen time and again that Reuven and his team can find things no one else can, whether they be gems of properties or unbelievable rates on financing. In one deal, Reuven found something for me that was nearly a million NIS under market value, and handled the financing.

I respect Reuven’s breadth of knowledge, thoroughness, network and relationships. Despite my considerable investment experience, there was no way I could have made these deals happen by myself. Reuven and his team effectively drove the deal home.

I’m not merely saying that I would use Reuven’s services again; I have used them again, and again… and I certainly plan on using them yet again the next time I’m looking for an investment property.

N.H, Jerusalem

When we came to Israel on a pilot trip, we were seriously considering buying an apartment in Jerusalem. We were open about which neighborhood - which proved to be a difficulty. The way real estate agents work is that they’re assigned a neighborhood, so the prospect of dealing with 7 different real estate agents was overwhelming. In addition, we were total neophytes when it came to legalities of different structures (the gush, chelkah, tat-chelkah system, or apartments that weren't legal on paper, or were only partially legal). All those things can drastically impact the value of the apartment on paper, which affects the financing - and we didn’t know how to evaluate that before getting too deep into a property. We were overwhelmed.

Reuven and his team came to the rescue and enabled us to achieve our dream. They looked into all 7 neighborhoods and efficiently eliminated options that weren't relevant. His ability to advocate for us, analyzing the possibilities, and finding the perfect match for us… it was invaluable.

Once we had come to a decision with our Rav’s bracha, Reuven and his team advocated and negotiated for us. They worked with the lawyer and handled the mortgage and financing. In just a few weeks, we ended up buying in a great Jerusalem neighborhood with a great deal on price and financing.

Reuven took us from total chaos to structure, from being overwhelmed to being the happy owners of a beautiful apartment in Jerusalem.

Y.F. Jerusalem

Working with Reuven and MC Israel Properties was a pleasure from the beginning to the end. And when I say the end, I really mean the end. Reuven not only helped us locate the perfect apartment for us, but he also he guided us through the entire process until the keys were in our hands. At every stage, from price negotiation to the mortgage to the closing (and all the stops along the way), we benefitted from Reuven’s guidance. And thanks to Reuven's extensive and reputable contacts, he was always able to connect us with the right people at the right time.

Yocheved Frischman, Jerusalem

We refinanced with Reuven 7 years ago and couldn't be more pleased. When we originally took out the mortgage on our own, it was a total nightmare. We had to go in person for many appointments, and there always seemed to be another form to run around to get to them. Additionally, the bank gave us terrible terms, and we felt trapped.

Reuven helped us turn everything around. He patiently helped us work out exactly what types of loan products were best for us; he quickly secured better terms for us than any bank was “officially” offering; he took care of all the paperwork, legwork - everything! All we had to do was turn up for the signing which only took about 15 minutes.

Seven years later, we see that everything has been completely smooth sailing, with no negative surprises along the way. Our monthly payments have remained stable and our mortgage balance is going down nicely. We will definitely use Reuven for all our mortgage needs and wholeheartedly recommend everyone else do the same!

Orlee Shraga

Working with Rueven was a pleasure. He listened and really heard us, in terms of our needs and what we were looking for. He certainly went the extra mile for us, which was probably quite challenging because we live outside of the country. Rueven was exceptionally responsive and really followed through on each and every step of the process to help us make this a smooth real estate transaction.

Chris and Lana Wilder, Scottsdale, Arizona