We stopped calling ourselves mortgage brokers when we realized that we weren’t.
We stopped calling ourselves real estate agents when we realized that we weren’t that, either.

Mortgage brokers don’t search for fruitful investment properties on behalf of their clients.
Real estate agents don’t craft multi-million shekel financing plans for their clients - and then get the banks to agree. 

It took a little while until we figured out what to call the culmination of skills, knowledge and connections acquired over 20 years in Israel’s financial and real estate markets, but finally, we got it:

We’re buyer’s agents for lucrative property and financing deals in Israel.

We love seeing our clients’ eyes light up when they say, “I never thought I would get THAT! How did you do THAT?”
It gives us even more of a thrill than mountain biking (and most of us around here are mountain biking nuts.)

We love putting together the pieces of the puzzle (that’s what a buyer’s agent does!) including managing the real estate, financing, legal and tax implications - until it forms a picture that is profitable, in line with our client’s short and long-term goals, and 100% kosher.

The kosher part’s important. We only eat kosher. We only do kosher. We don’t do unethical, illegal, shady or grey. (And honestly? When you have deep industry experience, the relationships you need, and knowledge about what is possible, you can get results that are just as good - or better - being 100% aboveboard.)

To that end, we try to share our extensive knowledge. Reuven (the one on the bike) taught the mortgage component of Lander’s College Real Estate Course. Our team has also been brought in by Remax and other large real estate agencies to lecture on the ins and outs of Israeli bank financing.

Reuven, our fearless leader, graduated from UC Berkeley and then made aliyah (nearly 25 years ago) and he has spent the years since at the cutting edge of Israel’s ForEx, banking, financing and real estate investment industries.

Our entire team of buyer’s agents is bilingual (English and Hebrew) and bicultural (Anglo and Israeli), giving us an edge on effective negotiation, understanding all the nuances and making sure our clients aren’t “friers”.


We would love to build your real estate deal in Israel.

We’ll even get off our mountain bikes to do it.