Home Buyer’s Agent

We make the process of buying your dream home in Israel feel like the dream you know it can be. The entire procedure - from identifying the right property to financing it, securing the right mortgage and closing - can be both efficient and joyful.

We will:

  • Unearth the best deals in your pick of neighborhoods, nationwide. No more limiting yourself to one community, or even one city.
  • Look out for hidden legal, permit or land registry issues to greatly reduce the chances that you’ll run into a deal-breaker after you’ve fallen in love with a home.
  • Negotiate in a culturally savvy way with Israeli sellers, developers and banks.
  • Craft creative, 100% kosher financing solutions that minimize your liability and save on taxes.


You’re excited over the prospect of finally owning a home in Israel. It’s the dream!

But you’re apprehensive about going head-to-head with Israel’s complicated property market, as well as Israeli negotiators, lawyers, banks and real estate offices. That’s the nightmare.

You’re afraid of being a freier.
We make you freier-proof.

  • You want to look in different neighborhoods, but you don’t want to deal with so many real estate agents.
  • You don’t want to spend months househunting.
  • You don’t want to be ready to sign on a house, only to have the deal fall through because of an unforeseen legality.
  • You don’t want to be taken for a ride by Israeli banks.
  • You don’t want to pay hefty taxes in Israel or abroad.


As your home buyer’s agent, we make sure you don’t have any of those experiences.

We speak real estate.
We speak finance.
We speak Israeli. (It’s different than Hebrew.)

We’ve spent over a decade at the intersection of Israel’s complex property and finance markets, and all of our experience is at your service. As your home buyer’s agent, we are your advocate at every stage of purchasing your luxury real estate in Israel.

  • We ask the questions you wouldn’t know to ask.
  • We figure out how to maximize your budget to get what’s truly important to you in a home.
  • We use our connections with developers and bankers to secure prices and rates that you wouldn’t get any other way.
  • We’re transparent, yashar and kosher in a world that sometimes seems anything but.


We are your advocates, your advisors and your partners in making your dreams come true.

Take a peek at some clients who were thrilled with their entire home buying experience: