Buyers Groups

We help savvy property buyers who need more than your standard mortgage broker in Israel can give them.

A standard mortgage broker can (and probably will!) provide good service to those who:

  • Will own one property in Israel at a time
  • Offer a simple financial picture that is easy to summarize with pay stubs and bank statements


When your finances and acquisitions become more complex, however, you’re actually opening up doors to get much better deals on financing. But you need to have the key: knowledge of the inner workings of the Israeli real estate and financial systems and the right personal connections within those systems.

We give you that key.

We get a thrill out of structuring financing solutions that are out-of-the-box, yet 100% kosher.

We put together puzzle pieces like:

  • Loan categories (business vs. personal vs. bridge)
  • Types of collateral (including how to use property in which you have partial ownership as collateral)
  • Attribution and ownership (in whose name the property or loan should be registered)
  • Applicable tax laws and exemptions


We create a picture-perfect loan package for your property purchase. Then, we use our network and connections to make it a reality for you.

Take a peek at some custom financing solutions we’ve created: