How we found the Fleishman family their dream home in Jerusalem for under their budget

The Fleishman family approached us when they were searching for a home in Jerusalem. While they were set on the budget (4-5 million NIS range), they were not set on the area, expressing interest in 8 different neighborhoods, including Sanhedria, Maalot Dafna, Ramat Eshkol and Morasha (Musrara). The Fleishmans weren’t thrilled with the idea of using a run-of-the-mill real estate agency, because they likely would have needed to deal with 8 different agents!                       

In addition, the Fleishmans knew that real estate agents represent the seller, or at best, they represent both sides. The Fleishmans wanted an experienced party on their side, advocating for their best interests.

Fortunately, using our extensive experience to push the interests of our clients is what we’re all about.

With us, the Fleishmans weren’t limited to one neighborhood, or even one city. We had the network and the nose to sniff out the best deal for them amidst all the properties that met their baseline criteria.

Within 2 weeks, the Fleishmans went from looking at 8 neighborhoods to finding the right apartment for them in Sanhedria.

The cherry on top? They bought for less than 4 million NIS. They came in under budget because we don’t just locate the deal; we make it happen. We negotiated with the seller and moved the price point back until it was a price that the Fleishmans were absolutely comfortable with, considering they expected to pay up to 5 million NIS.

Making a great deal happen always gives us a thrill - but honestly? It pales in comparison to the joy of a Jewish family when they acquire a home they love in Israel.